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Why Us

Thousands of companies around the world have chosen Dimensional Insight solution for business analytics, reporting, and web-based business intelligence solutions.

These customers, when making a decision on which technology provider to partner with found that DI clearly distinguished itself in the following areas.


Pioneering Technology

DI has been a pioneer in the development of reporting and analysis software. With 20% of all revenue going to R&D, DI has been first to market with key technology for years.

Pioneering Facts:

1989 Developed and patented the first OLAP-based technology to deliver analytic capabilities without requiring pre-defined hierarchies or drill-paths.

1992 Released Data Integrator – First ETL tool to be integrated with a BI solution.

1993 First to offer a web-based BI interface (Data Fountain); subsequently re-named WebDiver in 1997.

1995 Pioneer in the development of solutions for the Unix and Linux platforms.

1995 First packaged, web-based BI Solution (DI-Atlantis); subsequently re-named Diver Solution in 2005.

1999 DiveLine – a unified server for delivering BI solutions via the Web, LAN, WAN, Citrix, or any remote connection. DiveLine integrates with all major platforms including IBM hardware/operating systems, Windows, UNIX and Linux, and offers a rare single-server architecture for low support/maintenance requirements.



The experience and performance of DI consultants speak for themselves. Our consultants have been with the company for an average of 7+ years, and have an average of 15 years in the database/reporting industry. are paying high maintenance fees to your existing BI vendor.



Since 1989, the company has been profitable and grown revenue every year. DI has never taken-on any outside funding in its 20 year history and has achieved over 20% annual growth over the last three years. We own all of our technology which allows DI to build customized solutions without the limitations of third party interdependencies.



As a privately held company, industry recognition has not been one of the key goals of the company. Our accomplishments, not our marketing dollars, have won us the respect of the industry. Both Gartner Group and IBM have recognized DI as a leader in reporting and analysis.



Our patented technology enables DI to process 100’s-of-millions of detail records. Our customers represent some of the largest companies in the world with implementations of thousands of users over multiple geographic areas. The Diver
Solution™ delivers a zero-footprint portal and analytic interface that enables thousands of users to access information via the browser..


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The TCO of BI has more to do with the ongoing costs, upgrades, and modifications than with the up-front expenses associated with software licensing and implementation. Dimensional Insight customers have been found to have the lowest TCO ranking compared in the industry. Part of the reason is the flexible solution suite that doesn't require heavy database or data warehouse investment. To learn more, click here to review the Aberdeen Report.




Dimensional Insight has developed all of its own technology, has avoided the purchase or licensing of third-party software, and has remained totally self-funded for over 20 years. As a result, our ability to meet customers’ unique demands is unparalleled in the industry. Our development approach is driven by our customers’ input, and has resulted in capabilities and features that reflect the real needs of our users, not hype-driven market claims.


Lower Time to Delivery

With it patented sphere technology and integrated set of tools, the Diver Solution provides a fast proof of concept and prototyping platform that IT can effectively engage with the end user community. Often the case the end user needs to see a working prototype to refine and convey their requirements. Without the need to build databases and data structures, the solution suite allows you to move speedily through the data discovery to delivery phase.



IBM Validation

Dimensional Insight is an IBM Premiere ISV-Advantage Partner in the BI space. Only a handful of companies have achieved this status, and this is due to several accomplishments we have made on the IBM hardware and software platforms:
o Native solution on iSeries, xSeries, eServer, pSeries platforms
o Only BI solution to run natively on Linux on IBM platforms
o Portal integration with WebSphere
o Significant customer base running IBM systems


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