Virtual SSL VPN

Virtual SSL VPN -

Smart, Green, and Cost Effective!

Most organizations today have VPN access for securing their remote connections. And to do this, most organizations have deployed designated VPN solutions, some requiring a heavy IPSEC client to be installed on the users desktop. From leading business to governments to schools, organizations around the world are turning to AEP Networks to provide secure remote access that is both end user friendly, cost effective and most of all, truly secure.


There is a superior and much more affordable solution to deploying special purpose, hardware limited SSL VPN access. Virtualization allows network administrators have hundreds, and even thousands of SSL VPN connection on stand by, ready to be deployed in 24 hours. The advantage is obvious, you don't need to purchase and provision several or even dozens of dedicated SSL VPN boxes in your already crowded data center.


This is a must have solution for any organization that wants to provide secure remote connections for both normal business operations and for any unforeseen event. Click here to review the data sheet.


The Green Solution
How many VPN boxes do you have today in your data center today? Imagine serving 1000+ SSL VPN connections on 1 box! How much electricity would you save?


Purchase OR Licensing Models
You can provision a VM server and download the SSL VPN solution. Or you can sign up for a lease and pay on a monthly basis in advance as part of your Business Continuity plan.


Business Contiguity Planning and Disaster Recovery
If you office had to close today due to power outage, building repair or even to H1N1, can your organization still function? Or does your business shut down along with blocked access to your office? If you are a CIO or network manager planning before disaster strikes, click here to see how AEP Networks can provide the most economical and secure solution to your organization.

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