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Together with Inroads analysts and/or our partner experts, we help define your "proof of concept" requirements so your team can determine if the Dimensional Insight solution is the right solution for your organizational requirements.

1. Identify your business objectives. First, we start with your business objectives. Are you trying to find revenue opportunities, isolate distribution problems, or streamline financial reporting? Maybe you are just looking for a solution to better analyse/leverage your Data Warehouse? This initial review encompasses your reporting mechanisms, identification of reporting gaps and ad-hoc query reporting if required. Your list of objectives then become the basis for a "proof-of-concept" initiative.


2. Data and model. Once the objectives are defined, we need to locate data sources and extract from source database(s) and/or flat files, i.e. Excel. We then build your models with your input on business rules and elementary data definitions. We can also work with scrambled data and sign an NDA as required.


3. Design of views, graphs, and reports for distribution. The model(s) from Step 2 are used for business analysis and reporting and perhaps more advanced distribution methods such as KPI's and dashboards. Initial user deliverables, including "DiveBooks" and "Markers," may also be created, tested, and refined.


4. Implementation and feedback. Upon successful creation of displays and reports, the PoC project is delivered. We will provide training to system administrators and evaluation end-users. Training is delivered on-site and via the web. During the trial period, feedback sessions will be scheduled to assist you with your evaluation of the Dimensional Insight solution.


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