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Process and Data Modeling

An integral and critical component of any business intelligence project is to understand the business model, operations and the data that make the company function. Data is generated and flows through every department and function in an organization and today businesses need to capitalize on this data and derive strategic advantage.


2c8 Modeling Tool is a solution that allows a process and data modeler to layout how a business functions and helps to highlight inefficiencies, redundancies, and areas where companies could derive competitive advantage. The 2c8 Modeling Tool product is extremely easy to use and allow a modeler to focus more on the business and less on technology. You can review the company and product suite here and learn more about the just released version 3.0:


We at Inroads utilize this solution on our projects and also partner with 2c8 Modeling Tool to distribute the product. The solution is easy to use and importantly, allows you to architect a business flow quickly at the same rate as you are hearing it from the user. Its a tool that literally allows you to visualize a process flow or operation in a clear, understandable image.


Solution Platform

The solution installs seamlessly and allows models to share diagrams and export to a number of formats for publishing. In addition, there are form building applications as well as dynamic workflow functionality to integrate with your organizational operations.


There are many tools on the market today including open source, and Inroads has trialed several, but 2c8 Modeling Tool is a simple to use, effective and fully functional application that works extremely well and fast. Importanly, the product is available at a very reasonable cost which includes thorough documentation and support and continued development.


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