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The Visual Integrator - Visual, Flexible, Robust, and Powerful!


The Visual Integrator, Dimensional Insight’s feature-rich Extraction, Transform and Load (ETL) tool, provides quick and streamlined access to a multitude of data types: flat files, ODBC-compliant databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on platforms such as OS/400, Linux, and Windows. The Visual Integrator performs data mapping, cleansing, and contains a library of built-in functions that will speed your data discovery phase. The output is a single, non-proprietary, de-normalized file ready for data model construction or input to other applications. click here for the datasheet.


Importantly, the Visual Integrator is fully integrated with the Dimensional Insight solution so you can start today to address you data aggregation requirements and know that the more front end Business Intelligence modules are fully compatible and supported for future expansion of your BI/Reporting/Analytic strategies.


Combining Data Sources - Maximize ALL Your Data's Value

Companies today often have several data sources, repositories, and on various platforms and formats. Integrating multiple data streams is crucial to getting a unified view of your business. However, integrating data and applications throughout the enterprise and presenting them in a unified view is a complex proposition.

Not only are there many separate technologies, platforms, data structures, and application functionality, but there are also fundamental differences in integration architectures. Many organizations address these diverse needs by adopting several tools and technologies, resulting in disconnected, unfulfilled integration projects.


Visual Integrator

The Visual Data Integrator is a good starting point for new users who prefer to define data integration workflows using graphical objects, letting the application create the underlying script syntax. This allows you to define high level data flows, ideal to scope large projects without getting mired in details in the early stages.


Business Intelligence requires a flexible and powerful data aggregation solution as the foundation to provide a unified, near real time, and complete story of your operations, business opportunities, and risks.


Our data aggregation solution provides the following:

  • Fully automate and schedule key steps of the data aggregation process so that your organization can boost productivity, accelerate delivery times, and dramatically reduce costs.
  • A visual tool to help map and define work flow to align data sources with a convenient embedded programing editor for easy detailed coding when required. This allows you to both define the high level view of data sources with the ability to access the underlying script syntax and edit as required.
  • Provides a large suite of powerful data manipulation functions including joins, table lookups, and filters.
  • Transform any data, in any format, from any source so your company can create new products and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Able to aggregate sources of multiple platforms such as OS/400, Linux and Windows both locally and remotely.
  • Detect data quality problems early so your company can locate the root problem, provide high quality research, near real time point-of-sale analysis, and other competitive requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

Supported Platforms

Dimensional Insight is one of the few Business Intelligence vendors to offer native solutions to Linux, OS/400 and Windows. As hardware and operating system capabilities evolve, the Dimensional Insight development team evaluates those capabilities and determines ways in which The Diver Solution can optimally benefit from them.

Currently Supported Hardware and Operating Systems

The current generations of Intel/AMD processors are 64 bit architectures. In order to allow access to all available server memory, servers housing 64 bit processors should be configured with a 64 bit operating system.



Databases Supported

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Microsoft Access, Intersystems Cache, and many proprietary systems.

Regardless of how the data is stored, Dimensional Insight's solutions provide the ability to extract, join, manipulate, and transform your data into a cohesive set of knowledge tools for your decision makers. Companies typically utilize many different systems for specialized functions. Dimensional Insight brings it all together into one business intelligence interface for the user.

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