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Technology Overview

Dimensional Insight's Diver Solution - a powerful data analysis, reporting, and information delivery system - integrates the volume and variety of data your organization collects and stores, and turns it into meaningful information that people can use in their day-to-day activities. It delivers information in the form of reports, charts, and analytical applications directed specifically to the individual so they can make better and timelier business decisions.


Dimensional Insight’s The Diver Solution™ delivers a comprehensive and fully integrated set of business intelligence capabilities, while providing rapid implementation and a lower total cost of ownership. The solution provides a unified technology foundation consisting of ETL, security, reporting, ad-hoc analytics, and portal components. This allows for a single point of administration and alleviates the need to manage and maintain multiple dispersed programs.


The Diver Solution™ provides a complete, integrated information delivery suite including software to collect, assemble, secure, and deliver corporate data. This includes extracting, transforming, and loading data from diverse sources, then transforming it in a timely manner into the DI Model format. The following diagram illustrates the flow of data through the system and provides an overview of the building-block approach that Dimensional Insight takes towards implementation in any environment.



Data Collection:
The Diver Solution™ provides the ability to extract data from any source system. Virtually any data format, including text files, Oracle tables, SQL tables, MySQL tables, DB2 tables and many other leading database and application formats can be accessed.


Data Assembly:
Once your data has been identified and collected, the correct business rules and data relationships are established to create an application that will meet user needs. The Diver Solution™ automates this process through the integration of the data into a Model - a highly indexed dynamic data file.


Information Delivery:
Organizations are comprised of many different types of users who have varying requirements for information access and use. Dimensional Insight provides many client interface options, including a browser-based portal, a zero-footprint analysis client for external users, a web-based OLAP data analysis tool for remote workers tasked with decision support and business analysis responsibilities, and a powerful LAN-based OLAP client that developers and administrators can use to design reports, applications and perform complex analysis across the entire enterprise data set. Additionally, there is a tool that provides scheduled or event driven delivery of data "views" via e-mail. Used by administrators as well as by power users, this tool delivers timely information automatically, be it the audited results of production builds or the latest financial reports.


Security and Administration:
Access to the Data Models is managed through a powerful security layer that is administered centrally. Users can be restricted from entire Data Models, sub-sets of Models, specific data dimensions, or even particular line-item detail. The system enables administrators to set-up groups, and utilizes existing access control lists.


Dashboards / Portal

Dimensional Insight's suite of Business Intelligence tools brings fast, easy and flexible integration of all your data into one view for improved decision making. CEOs with large amounts of disparate data ranging across multiple platforms are blown away with DI's deployment — it's the fastest in the industry.

The Diver Solution™ provides a web-based portal interface for the creation and delivery of dashboard views that are customized by the users' access and security settings. Dashboard views can be created from existing reports and charts, or may utlize dashboard graphing elements provided within the Diver Solution interfaces.


Streamlined Security and Access

Executives, sales staff, operations personnel, financial managers, customers, suppliers, and business partners each access the information they need from the same entry point. It delivers information as reports, charts, and analytical applications, specifically tailored to individual needs, while offering the ability to analyze the data from unlimited viewpoints.


Executive Users

Want to see a daily snapshot of the business with quick-reference indicators that display the current health of the business, i.e. performance indicators, dashboards, multi-field analysis . The Diver Solution's speedometer graph is an effective way to present this information rapidly.


Business Unit Managers

Need to access information relevant to their line-of-business and dive into that information with the click of a mouse. Specialized dashboards, graphs, pyramids are easily created in The Diver Solution™ to meet these needs.


External and Remote Users

Access information through a portal interface with both dashboard and report archival functionality. The information that is customized for remote salespeople, customers and business partners is easily organized and presented to these audiences based on their individual needs.

Supported Platforms

Dimensional Insight’s Diver Solution™ supports a number of hardware platforms and operating systems. As hardware and operating system capabilities evolve, the Dimensional Insight development team evaluates those capabilities and determines ways in which The Diver Solution can optimally benefit from them.

Currently Supported Hardware and Operating Systems

The current generations of Intel/AMD processors are 64 bit architectures. In order to allow access to all available server memory, servers housing 64 bit processors should be configured with a 64 bit operating system.



Databases Supported

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Microsoft Access, Intersystems Cache, and many proprietary systems.


Regardless of how the data is stored, Dimensional Insight's solutions provide the ability to extract, join, manipulate, and transform your data into a cohesive set of knowledge tools for your decision makers. Companies typically utilize many different systems for specialized functions. Dimensional Insight brings it all together into one business intelligence interface for the user.

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