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Every customer is unique with varying operating environments. However, there are are similar needs and problems which the right Business Intelligence solution can solve.

Below, we've listed some of the most prevalent issues customers like you face and how we can help you identify and solve your problems, and provide you with a path forward from data collection to analysis to web friendly information distribution.


Integrating data from multiple sources

Your Problem: You are paying high maintenance fees to your existing BI vendor. Or, you have dropped BI projects because of the often high costs of deploying databases, data warehouses and hiring additional specialists and external consultants as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

Our Solution: Whether your data resides in SQL tables, flat files, spreadsheets or proprietary vendor formats, DI's Data Integrator can access, verify, and transform these sources. The Data Integrator is a robust Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool that accepts input from virtually any data source and combines them. The Data Integrator contains a large suite of powerful data manipulation functions including joins, table lookups, and filters.


Improving Reporting and access from SunSystems

Your Problem: You have the SunSystems accounting system and want to directly extract data and publish to a portal for distribution and end user access.

Our Solution: The standalone Visual Integrator allows you to connect to the SunSystems database via a standard ODBC connection (we've done it). From here, you can schedule extraction on a nightly basis to build the data models. With the data models, you can then build a multitude of reports which can be published to the portal for end user report consumption and analysis. This is extremely cost effective as our end user licenses for medium size purchases are cheaper than the Vision XL extration utility and much more functional.


BI is Too Expensive

Your Problem: You are paying high maintenance fees to your existing BI vendor. Or, you have dropped BI projects because of the often high costs of deploying databases, data warehouses and additional specialists.

Our Solution: As outlined by Industry experts, the DI solution can provide more functionality for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (CO). In many cases, without a costly new database and / or data warehouse. Talk to us, we'd be happy to replace some of our competitor's licenses for ours.


BI is Too Complex

Your Problem: Too often, traditional BI solutions require deploying database(s), data warehouses, specialized data marts, and/or memory heavy servers. You want better business analysis, not an entire new IT infrastructure and an additional burden on IT resources.

Our Solution: With 20 years of experience, Dimensional Insight provides a powerful and easy to master suite of tools and is architected to drive results, not IT expenditure. From a Visual Integrator to a Visual Builder and an easy to use web editor to securely and effortlessly publish reports and graphs, we provide tools that deliver personalized results to all functional groups.


You have a Multi-terabyte Data Warehouse and its taking too long to extract data for new projects

Your Problem: Data warehouses are now in the terabytes, making it a challenge to access timely and precise information. And your Data Warehouse is growing between 10% and 25% annually, making queries even slower.

Our Solution: Different users have different requirements and some may suggest building out data marts. Our solution is to build "models". For example, a sales analyst is provided with a model which contains the data in a free form format so they can run their analysis and reporting independently from the Data Warehouse. This saves time and effort and provides personalized results without impacting the IT resources or affecting the operational data storage performance.


Excel Hell! (But some want to keep using Excel)

Your Problem: Your business has grown using disparate Excel databases which are resource intensive and error prone when used to integrate data and perform analysis and create management and operational reports. Or you are moving in the direction of deploying better reporting tools, but you have some users that won't give up their Excel tools.


The other problem with Excel, its not designed to be a centralized reporting platform that people can browse and review. So initiatives to improve worker productivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing should first consider reducing dependancy on Excel reports.

Our Solution: Dimensional Insight provides an Excel plug-in solution called Cell Diver. Cell Diver accesses the same models that your BI users utilize so you provide a single source of data, but different users use their own preferred tool to report and analyze data. This provides a soft migration to move away from Excel Hell and experiencing BI heaven.


We also find that once customers have deployed the full Diver solution, customers become more flexible in streamlining their business processes and overall efficiencies exponentially increase.


Free Form Analysis

Your Problem: You already have a BI tool such as Cognos which is considered a "reporting-centric" solution by Gartner. You need more free form analysis, not another structured solution that produces more structured reports. Your users are in general not familiar with data formats and data hierarchy and are therefore reticent to perform their own analysis and create their own reports. Invariable these tasks fall to the IT group and drain this valuable resource.

Our Solution: From the beginning, the solution architecture was built around a "sphere" concept. The design of free form models allows a user to literally, "dive" into a data field and continue to dive in different directions into the data. In other words move around the data in the way they think. This unique design truly provides free form analysis so you can uncover opportunities and discover business and operational risks before they discover you.


Multiple User Levels and Requirements

Your Problem: You have multiple levels of users; some users that want reports, some users who just want to see dashboards, others who want to analyze data in detail and publish their analysis in a cost effective and pay by user need basis.

Our Solution: Dimensional Insight provides 3 levels of access: Advanced, General, and Casual. Advanced access is usually the IT administrator who manages the overall system and ensures security integrity. The General users are those power users who want to "dive" into the data free form and conduct analysis, create reports, and publish to files such as PDF or to a Web. The Casual user is the person who just wants to see updates, single click to download a report, chart or Excel spreadsheet.


Near Real Time Analysis - Scheduled Extraction

Your Problem: Your competitive advantage relies on near real time analysis of your operations. How can I get up to date data?

Our Solution: We have a Scheduler product which instructs the Integrator (ETL) to retrieve and update data for the users automatically and / or vectored on a time or event. This can be run nightly, hourly or even more frequent and you can program specifically what data is to be updated.


Incorporating External Data

Your Problem: You want to incorporate externally retrieved data with your own internal data.

Our Solution: We have a Tunnel product which "tunnels" out and grabs data from external sources. This data can then be incorporated via our Integrator (ETL) to update data for your end users and create latest reports without effecting the operational data storage.


Don't Have the BI Expertise

Your Problem: Many organizations want BI and fully understand the need for better reporting and analytical tools, but you don't have the time nor budget to put together a traditional BI Team of a data base administrator, ETL expert, data warehouse expert and a systems analyst to build reports.

Our Solution: The Dimensional Solution has been architected with customer driven enhancements to simplify and empower them for over 20 years. The solution is designed for you to make fast progress while providing facilities for more advanced requirements when you're BI needs advance. Case in point, our Visual Integrator provides an easy to use interface, yet provides a code editor for those who want to do more detailed programming.


Want to Start Small

Your Problem: Many BI project never get approved simply because most of the current architectures require heavy infrastructure along with lots of in-house expertise.

Our Solution: We can show you how we can meet your business objectives within a given budget and not simply just deliver software, but a working BI solution with customer reports which you can easily modify and expand on your own.


The Diver Solution gives you tactical and strategic management of your data!

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