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Let us know if there is some specific information you are looking for, be it data sheets, customer cases, or marketing papers, we have lots of useful documentation.


  • Data Modeling - Highly indexed data models help speed analysis and reporting.
  • Data Integration - Integrate both internal and external data sources for better overall decision making. From AS/400 to Unix and Windows environments, we have native software solutions to help you to extract data and gain valuable business insight.
  • Dashboards - Streamlined dashboard development for fast end user delivery leading to real time, fact based decisions.
  • Analytics- Analyze your data without hierarchical restrictions typical of many of todays' BI solutions.
  • Reporting - Self-service reporting offers ultimate end user flexibility.
  • Alerts - Data access can be set to any level of granularity from models to fields.

Business Intelligence - Research Group Analysis

There are numerous studies on the growing importance of business intelligence for organizations operating highly competitive segments where having access to key information in a timely fashion is important to survival.


Business Problem
Aberdeen Group Many executives have become wary of hidden costs based on prior experiences with data warehousing and other enterprise application initiatives, are are putting BI vendors to the test to provide a means for managing cost. Learn why Dimensional Insight offers the best TCO. Click here

Business Intelligence - Glossary of Terms

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