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Dimensional Insight provides just about what every organization needs, a solution to better understand the business and market in which they operate. From healthcare to sales and manufacturing, are some business cases from organizations that made the decision to dig deep into their data and discover what they don't know about their customers, markets, and products.


Customer Testimonials:

“Their Proof of Concept program allowed us to see our data in their system. Immediately we saw the value.” - Martha Sullivan, Director of Information Services, Harrison Memorial Hospital

“The Diver Solution is easier to use than any of the other Business Intelligence tools we have tried.” - Milt Goldwasser, CIO, Copley Press

“Implementation went very fast ... for the first time we had visibility into the data, and could do any analysis needed.” - Elaine Ritchie, Director of IS, New Balance

“As long as users have some PC knowledge, and they know how to double-click a mouse, they can easily use this tool.” - Mike Brockway, Director of Enterprise Services, Southern Wine & Spirits


SunSystems - Case Study

Our client was using the SunSystems accounting package for many years including the data extraction tool, Vision XL. The finance staff would run SunSystems Vision XL to extract the data to Excel, modify the Excel based report, and then email the end user specific report (ie. by department) to each of the respective end users. The first thing we did was extract the raw data and understand the table structure with the Visual Integrator tool. From here, we quickly built data models and compared our basic sample reports to Vision XL reports. Once our numbers matched the existing Vision XL reports, we polished and published our reports to the Diver Solution portal. The integrated portal provides a seamless and effective way for end user to review, analyze, and download their reports in different formats, i.e. Excel, PDF. We automated the build process with the built-in scheduler so every night, the ETL gathers the SunSystems data, updates the data models, and posts the updates to the portal. There is also a built-in report distribution function that emails PDF/Excel reports to the end users.

The first reports delivered focused on Expense Management. This provided functional heads with much improved Cost Centre management reports that showed up to the day expense vs budget variance reporting. This then expanded to budget reporting with Month To Date, Year over Year, and period comparison reporting which greatly facilitated trend analysis and helped isolate budget deficiencies and loose expenditure practices.

Next was complete Profit / Loss statements which saved the finance department 5 days per month in manual creation and distribution. Again, the finance staff would use SunSystems Vision XL to extract the data to Excel, modify the Excel report for each of the intended managers, and then email the finished Excel based report to the end user. We completely automated this process.

The end result, a completely automated and streamlined report creation and distribution project that saved finance staff several days per month in repetitive report creation while providing a superior financial reporting product to the end user business community.


IMOS - Case Study

IMOS (Integrated Maritime Operation System) from Veson Nautical provides a leading operations managment application for the shipping industry. Our client wanted integrated reporting from IMOS as well as from their other operations application from Dataloy Systems. This was basically a data integration project between two shipping management applications. The Visual Integrator brought in data from both systems, cleansed the data, mapped the data, and then exported the data to data model for report development. Reports were then created and compared against both internal shipping systems. Once the report numbers were validated, they were nhen posted to the Diver Solution portal where both company executives and operations staff could navigate to the reports and/or download for further review.

The end result was a better understanding and management of the two shipping applications for the customer. Moreover, given the very different ways of reporting of the two applications, we provided superior and streamlined distribution of integrated reports to both senior shipping executives and operations staff via an easy to use portal.

Your Industry:

Sales and Marketing

Many companies around the world use Dimensional Insight's business intelligence software products and applications to track their marketing and sales activities. The types of analyses that are performed include salesperson performance, customer profiling, campaign tracking, lost business reporting, brand analysis, geographical territory mapping, account assignment analysis, sales forecasting, and many more. The following companies have provided us with profiles that detail their experience in a sales and marketing environment.

Provided the ability to seamlessly integrate data from multiple enterprise data stores into a single dashboard.


CIGNA Corporation, based in Philadelphia, PA, is a leading international provider of insurance and related products with assets in excess of $91 billion. They faced formidable challenges; getting data directly to analysts at their desktops, enabling them to ask ad hoc questions, getting immediate answers, and make timely investment decisions on critical investment factors without waiting days or weeks for written reports.


The project goal was to provide financial analysts with integrated tools to examine the profitability of product sales in North America.

Dr. Martens

Due to recent growth, Dr. Martens found itself unable to keep up with the data reporting and analysis needs of its sales and support staff. Salespeople waited days for reports on their customers' activity.


In the past, we were sending thousands of pages of paper reports per year to each region. It was tedious for us to get detailed information on a customer from those reports, and unreasonable to carry them when visiting a customer site.


As the company expanded, they knew they needed something that was flexible enough to fulfill different reporting requirements, and also allow BSS to look at all corporate data in a consistentformat.

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Dimensional Insight's Diver Solution empowers executives and managers at hospitals and managed care organizations to make higher quality and more timely decisions by providing the right information at the right time to the right people.


Dimensional Insight's George Dealey discusses how the Diver Solution is benefiting the healthcare industry:

Diver allows hospitals to:

  • Increase patient satisfaction by reacting faster to improve service and response.
  • Reduce operating costs by identifying inefficiencies within operating groups.
  • Increase revenues by highlighting profitable procedures and reimbursement problems.
  • Continually improve efficiency, as decision support teams will be able to spend more time acting on information, and less time on routine data collection and report generation.

    Diver allows managedcare organizations to:

  • Identify poor performance and encourage improvement
  • Discover and analyze inefficient drug prescription and usage
  • Ensure adherence to disease management standards
  • Compare performance on readmissions, mortality, or a host of other acute care metrics
  • Track patient satisfaction and PCP patient retention
  • Create a self-service portal for members, employers, physicians and other external stakeholders
    BayCare Health

    In 2002, BayCare Health System had a simple objective: To cut the time needed to perform angioplasty ("PTCA") on a heart attack patient to 90 minutes or less . In 2002, the median time - the "Door-to-Inflation" time - for BayCare to perform angioplasty was 143 minutes.

    Lee Memorial Health Systems

    ...senior executives at LMHS have an ongoing initiative to increase patient satisfaction, the key driver of profit margins, enabling them to give back more to their community.

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    Manufacturers and distributors are making Dimensional Insight their standard business intelligence solution. Companies use DI's technology to fulfill the information needs of plant management, production supervisiors, IT/IS professionals, finance managers, and corporate executives. With DI's solution, requests for answers that were previously unavailable or took weeks to generate are now easily obtained by end users in a matter of seconds. Yield analysis, waste control, operator/shift performance, and quality control metrics can all be accessed through one easy-to-use interface.

    Complex queries would take up to fifteen minutes. Users were frustrated. And making changes was so complicated that we often had to use the vendor's consultants to do the work, making the system very expensive to maintain.

    Florida Natural

    We use DI Solution and DI-Diver to keep track of and analyze efficiency, revenue, and expense throughout the company.

    Allied Telesyn

    Because of DI-Diver's success throughout the company, Allied Telesyn has recently upgraded to DI Solution, Dimensional Insight's powerful multidimensional software package designed to transform massive amounts of data for secure access and intuitive analysis.

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    Suppliers / Distributors / Retailers

    Suppliers,distributors, and retailers worldwide use DI's technology to target opportunities, track performance, and increase profits. Navigating through data with DI-ProDiver is simple for non-technical users, enabling decision-makers across all functional areas of a corporation to access data quickly and intuitively. Dimensional Insight helps these vertical organizations to capture and process data that can be leveraged to improve planning, monitor results, analyze, anticipate custome changes, and mine customer opportunities.
    With DI-ProDiver, brand managers analyze daily brand performance by product, customer, and location. The sales force has easy visibility to lost sales, promotion/quota tracking, and best/worst performing products. Customers are able to see their own purchasing history and promotional opportunities, which allows sales reps to grow and retain accounts more effectively.
    Standard Beverage Corporation

    DI-Diver is very good at empowering other people in the organization that don't have programming skills, but have accounting skills, or sales skills - whatever the variety of talents are that people bring into the organization.

    Southern Wine and Spirits

    As a very decentralized operation, one of the biggest challenges SWS faced was being able to pull together timely information from all of our selling divisions for our Corporate Offices

    Banfi Vintners

    A common dilemma with the prior reporting system was the inability to access detailed levels of information with one query.

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