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Allied Telesyn Upgrades to Full DI Solution Solution

BURLINGTON, MA - Because of DI-Diver's success throughout the company, Allied Telesyn has recently upgraded to DI Solution, Dimensional Insight's powerful multidimensional software package designed to transform massive amounts of data for secure access and intuitive analysis. The full solution will facilitate IT staff in building a solid data warehouse history, and allow access to information in a form users can understand. New Models will include purchasing history for 600 products distributed to approximately 1,000 customers.

"Diver brought us out of the dark ages with regard to reporting," says Hal Currier, IS Applications Manager. "The IS department used to have to produce fifteen versions of the same report, from the same data, to try and satisfy different requirements. That's no longer necessary; users answer their own questions within a few minutes opposed to a week. With the upgrade to DI Solution, we'll be able to include more detailed company data, including historical data, and deliver reports such as perpetual inventory and month-to-month inventory balances for our users to analyze." Reports will automatically refresh as the data is updated. Each element in a report is "live," allowing the user to click on the actual report item to reveal supporting details.

Accountants use Diver for sub-ledger reports to analyze receivable, payable, and revenue data. When they're asked to do special reports outside of a ledger, they go to Diver. Users in the Marketing department say they don't know how they lived without it. Financial analysts, with a few clicks of the mouse, are able to answer questions on the spot. "It's improved our internal processes and also our service to customers. The software paid for itself within the first three days of using it, simply because we were able to analyze data in way that we were never able to do with standard reports," explains Currier.

For the first time, Allied Telesyn was able to recognize patterns with customers over the last few years by doing a credit return analysis. Also, their order cycle is changing, so when they plot order and order line counts against revenue, it's clear where they need to make process changes. Their back-end system had a lot of detail, but presenting that information before Diver was a challenge.

Currier concludes, "Having this data available for quantitative analysis on our different product lines is invaluable... and Diver's interface is very intuitive. Users quickly learn how to navigate through the data; it becomes second nature."

About Allied Telesyn

Allied Telesyn, headquartered in Bothell, Washington, has been an innovator in the development and manufacturing of high quality, low cost Ethernet solutions since 1987. Founded on the premise that there existed a need for simple, yet reliable, standards-based networking products, Allied Telesyn effectively bridges the gap between a wide array of Ethernet based networking products. In January of 1999, the company introduced an aggressive new initiative to expand upon the company's core competency (Ethernet) in order to establish a leading presence in the network service provider market. Today, that initiative known as "Ethernet & IP All the Way" is creating a broad spectrum of products that make up the company's complete line of access, aggregation, and core transport solutions.

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