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Business Intelligence helps you make better, fact based decisions. In today's environment, there isn't time to reconcile error prone Excel spreadsheets or review static reports.

Rather than cumbersome OLAP cubes, patented "sphere" technology delivers effective solutions less expensively and faster than conventional BI platforms. With 20 years of organic development, Dimensional Insight provides an end-to-end, flexible platform for both near/real-time Reporting and Analytics requirements. Read how you can get started with a low risk, phased strategy:

What Customers Say About Dimensional Insight

This Dresner study, by former Research Fellow at Gartner for 13 years, is the first of its kind to be based on social media outlets and invited Business Intelligence customers only. The study included mainstream vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and IBM to analytic vendors such as QlikTech.

The largest vendor-independent survey of Business Intelligence and Performance Management, the BARC study covers most industry vendors, click here to see some of the key findings on Dimensional Insight.

Already have Business Objects/SAP or Cognos/IBM? This Aberdeen report to see how Dimensional Insight compares.

Read why ConAgraFoods with US$12B in sales, chose Dimensional Insight to supplement their SAP implementation.

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Leading companies have long employed smarter supply chains to cut costs, reduce cycle times, and achieve greater, sustainable growth. In today’s economy, a continued focus on improving the physical supply chain is necessary, but insufficient. Whether your business is manufacturing, distribution, or retail, business leaders need Competitive Advantage to identify both the opportunities and risks in a changing environment.

Business Intelligence is more than just reports and graphs. The Dimensional Insight solution was designed to allow you to visualize your data as well as explore data in a non-predefined manner. Moreover, the solution serves users at different skill levels while simplifying and securing access to organizational information and business insight.

See how the solution cost effectively delivers true insight, discovery, and analysis of your business.

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